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Join hundreds of other women using Sojo Academy to grow their faith through Bible Study, creative worship and community.

Does any of this sound familiar?

You have a true desire to grow and just wish for simple, practical steps that can be easily implemented into your daily life.

You get bored quickly or are easily distracted with your Bible Study... hello guilt... and feel bad about what you "should" be doing. Sigh. Having a ready-made plan to follow sure would help!

You know you need community and accountability, but struggle to connect with women who are walking on a similar path towards Christlikeness. Sigh again.

You're spiritually stuck and are ready for God to break through in a fresh way and help you move beyond that invisible ceiling.

If any of that sounds like you, you are NOT ALONE!

We've all been there and we understand how difficult it can be to get good, solid guidance {not to mention practical!} in areas of spiritual maturity.


We were broken-hearted by the fact that Christian women are not being taught how to study the Bible for themselves. We believe every Christian woman should have fresh and frequent encounters with God through His word. We're on a mission to help show you HOW.


Additionally, even though we run our own online ministries and offer resources for women there, we felt frustrated by the limitations of "one-off" teachings and products. We desire to connect with and invest in women over a period of time,


We were ready to see women make real transformations over time through three biblical components: community, rich Bible study, and creative & practical worship.

Thankfully, God brought us together at the perfect time and we are honored He's brought you here too!

Introducing SOJO ACADEMY!

Sojo Academy

Sojo Academy is a monthly membership for Christian women that provides a practical, streamlined spiritual growth plan.

It's a membership like no other!

Sojo Academy will help you:

Sojo Academy

Learn to study the Bible creatively

Our belief is that God’s Word is transformational, which is why at Sojo, you’ll receive FRESH Bible studies regularly. Our monthly travel kit not only provides a ready-made plan for getting into God’s Word, but each kit also includes creative tools for getting God’s Word into you. 

Sojo Academy

Implement what you are learning

Each month we host practical workshops and mini-challenges based on the monthly Bible study. We know your time is precious, so the angle of our classes emphasizes small choices and incorporates self-management skills. We help you take ownership of your growth. Yaasss!

Sojo Academy

Make real connections with others

When you join Sojo Academy, you’re family. Our active private community is here for you to enjoy godly discussion, brainstorming, encouragement, prayer, and accountability. The hundreds of women in our beautiful, global sisterhood are the icing on the cake.

With all this direction, just imagine where you could be 6 months from now.

Features that make Sojo Academy different

Access to Experience

Take advantage of our combined 50+ years of ministry and history in teaching women as we work together to grow in faith. We have the background needed to help you in your journey and we are walking right beside you!

A Strong Community

The best way to fail is to go it alone. Our global online community filled with hundreds of women just like you from all over the world is as beautiful and supportive as it is diverse. No matter where you live, when you’re here, you’re family.

Deep Studies

Although our Bible Studies are easy to go through with proven structure and templates, there is no fluff!  They'll take you deep into the Word and are designed to get you interacting in a way where God can speak to you more clearly.


Everything included in one month of the Academy costs less than the price of a pizza... and is much better for you!  We are intentional about keeping the costs as low as possible to include as many women as God sends our way.

A Creative Flare

Each month we provide creative elements, such as Bible journaling tools, to accent our Bible Study.  We know women learn differently and want to provide unique ways to grow in maturity.  Regardless of your unique "creativity", we will give you all the resources you need to get started experiencing the truths of God's Word in new and fun ways.

We Walk With You!

We won't give you a ton of material and then leave you on your own to fumble through it.  We are committed to your spiritual development. In addition to having a plan for you to follow each month, both of us are an active part inside the community. You get direct access to us.

Meet AJ and Jen

We are Arabah Joy (left) and Jen Evangelista (right) and together we run Sojo Academy, an online community for Christian women.

Arabah Joy is wife to Jackson and adoptive and biological mom to four active kids. Her 22 years in ministry include church planting, 14 years of overseas missionary service, writing, teaching, and mentoring.

AJ especially loves sharing Bible study methods and hands-on actionable tools so others can experience the same life-transforming power of God’s word that she has in their every day lives.

Jen Evangelista is wife to Brad and mom to 4 pretty cool kids.  She has been in ministry with her husband for over 24 years teaching kids, college students and women of all ages and cultures.

Jen has a passion for the local church, missions, teaching, and above all else, the Gospel.  And she loves finding creative ways to dig deeper into God's Word with other women.

Collectively, we've adopted internationally, lived in 5 different countries, gone through medical school, put our husbands through seminary, planted churches, worked as professionals, started our own businesses, served as military wives and homeschooled kids. Because of this, we bring decades of ministry and life experience to all that we do and we love doing life with you!

Jen Evangelista and Arabah Joy

"Since joining Sojo Academy, I'm never at a loss for creative, inspiring Bible study resources! The variety is quite impressive. In fact, I'm spending more time in God's Word since joining Sojo. How great is that!

I have also discovered a precious sense of community. We pray for each other and we share ideas and inspiration, both personal and those from our Bible studies. Sojo Academy is a blessing from God!"



Workshops and Trainings

Every workshop or training we've hosted, both free and paid, are given to members for FREE!  You can find them in the Dashboard and start learning right away!

These include teachings on Biblical topics, quick trainings on Bible study,  practical lessons and creative tips, tricks and tutorials.

We are adding to this library every month and you will have access to EVERYTHING in there for as long as you are a member!

Sojo Academy Workshops


Our community is the heart of Sojo Academy and the backbone of all we do!  It is filled with women of all ages and stages of life, from all backgrounds, ethnicities, and locations around the world.

If you have questions, prayer needs, praise reports or insights on what you are learning through God's Word, this is the place to share it! There are people there 24/7 to support you and link arms with you in this journey of life.


Each month we release new Bible Study resources that usually include a FULL In-Depth Bible Study, Scripture reading plans and Bible Journaling elements.

You will never be at a loss for something to study, and because we give you a daily plan, you will avoid feeling overwhelmed.  Use as much or as little of the Month's Travel Kit as you can... we'll be supporting you the whole way!



Each month, our studies come with beautifully designed workbooks, checklists, and extra fun printables!

We try to provide what our members need so there are often extra goodies and surprises ... including discounted (and early bird) access to other products, giveaways within the membership, the chance to to earn money back through referrals... PLUS we always have cool stuff planned for the coming months that we can't spoil!


All of this and much more ... only inside SOJO ACADEMY!


Printable planner for SOJO and all the areas of life.  This planner is versatile and easy to print! Plan your day AND your spiritual disciplines with the Sojo planner.

Designed by busy Christian women for busy Christian woman!

PLUS you will get any additions going forward for FREE!

$12 Value

Simple Sojo Planner: BONUS
Pray Your Purpose Workshop: BONUS

This Workshop taught by AJ covers her signature ARRRC method of praying over your day. Here's what one member had to say, "I have to tell you, I am watching the replay and pausing this every few minutes to soak in what I'm getting, especially at minute 55 about trials and triumphs. This is such a deep teaching. (I've) been a pastor's wife for 25 years. This is a powerful study that I am so grateful for and I am not even halfway through it."

$12 Value

Real Women. Real Transformations.

What our members are saying about Sojo Academy


"What I love most about SoJo is that there is accountability and support here. I'm excited to dive deeper into God's word again and face my spiritual battles with such a great cloud of witnesses and to keep going strong from this moment forward."



"God has been amazing at orchestrating the timing of your content. Thank you for taking the time and putting in so much thought to help out women all over the world!!"



"Earlier this year, I joined Sojo Academy, a faith-based community for women looking to deepen their walks with Christ. I have been so blessed by the monthly Bible study kits, the optional challenges, and the support and friendship in this online group.

I am so thankful to have this online body of believers to help further my spiritual growth, and also for the opportunity it provides me to in turn pray for and serve others!"



"Since joining Sojo Academy, I've seen my depression lifting. It's been very small increments, but I have had 3 female deaths in my family since January and I have not regressed. That is a HUGE thing for me. Being in (almost) daily time with God has been a game-changer.

I love the variety of different studies. I've heard of most of these types of studies but never known where to start. Thank you."



"I wanted to take a moment and thank you so much for all you are doing in Sojo Academy. There is so much that you're offering and truly can be suited to anyone's style of learning. Just know that I am truly honored to be a part of what God is doing here and that you are being prayed for."



"I am feeling so blessed to be a part of this group! I NEVER thought I would open up and let my anxiety go with a large group of people, but I feel so open and honest with you ladies, it's amazing! God is really working in me, and I hope he is working in all of you through this group as well! Praise the Lord for Sojo Academy! Praise the Lord for Jen and AJ!



"I want to tell you how much I love Sojo! Bible Readings are my favorite part ... and the workshops are very informative. Being a part of the Sojo Community has been such a help."



Are you ready to grow in grace and experience life transformation?


$15 per Month
  • Regular fresh Bible Studies
  • Unique and creative ideas for study & growth
  • A thriving, global community
  • Recurring payment - cancel anytime

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$15 per Month
  • Regular fresh Bible Studies
  • Unique and creative ideas for study & growth
  • A thriving, global community
  • Recurring payment - cancel anytime