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Sojo Academy equips Christian women like you for spiritual growth…
without feeling overwhelmed, chaotic, or all alone.

Sojo Academy is a monthly membership that provides you with a practical, streamlined spiritual growth plan.

Here’s how it works:

Sojo Academy

1.   Travel Kits

Our belief is that God’s Word is transformational, which is why at Sojo, you’ll receive  FRESH Bible studies regularly, with new content each and every month. Our travel kits provide ready-made plans for getting into God’s Word, as well as fun tools for getting God’s Word into you. #Booyah

Sojo Academy

2.   Workshops

Each month we host implementation workshops and mini-challenges based on the monthly theme. We know your time is precious, so the angle of our classes emphasizes small choices and incorporates self-management skills. We help you take ownership of your growth. Yaasss!

Sojo Academy

3.   Connections

When you join Sojo Academy, you’re family. Our private community is here for you to enjoy godly discussion, brainstorming, encouragement, prayer, and accountability. This beautiful, global sisterhood is icing on the cake.

With all this direction, just imagine where you could be a year from now.

Let us help you go from floundering to FLOURISHING.

We know what it’s like to want more from life.

Deep inside, you know you have greater purposes to live for and eternal works to fulfill. 

We also know the Christian life is war, which is why we believe you need:
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A Strategic Plan

Spiritual impact doesn’t happen by accident. With Sojo Academy, we lay out a clear and proven plan to follow.

Healthy Habits

Discipline is the path to godliness and we show you how to build it into your life with small habits.


The best way to fail is to go it alone. Our global online community is as beautiful and supportive as it is diverse. No matter where you live, when you’re here, you’re family.


Join before FRIDAY, JUNE 7th for these awesome Bonuses

Simple Sojo Planner: BONUS

Printable planner for SOJO and all the areas of life.  This planner is versatile and easy to print!

Perfect for any busy Christian woman!

Pray Your Purpose Workshop: BONUS

Exclusive workshop taught by AJ.

Date to be announced!


Full Discipline Travel Kit!

Includes a 4 week Bible Study, Bible Journaling Kit, Scripture reading plan, TN size journal pages, Journaling cards, and screensavers.

What women are saying about Sojo Academy

Since joining Sojo Academy, I'm never at a loss for creative, inspiring Bible study resources! The variety is quite impressive. In fact, I'm spending more time in God's Word since joining Sojo. How great is that!
I have also discovered a precious sense of community.

We pray for each other and we share ideas and inspiration, both personal and those from our Bible studies. 
Sojo Academy is a blessing from God!


Since joining Sojo Academy, I've seen my depression lifting. It's been very small increments, but I have had 3 female deaths in my family since January and I have not regressed. That is a HUGE thing for me. Being in (almost) daily time with God has been a game changer.

I love the variety of different studies. I've heard of most of these types of studies but never known where to start. Thank you.


Earlier this year, I joined Sojo Academy, a faith-based community for women looking to deepen their walks with Christ. I have been so blessed by the monthly Bible study kits, the optional challenges, and the support and friendship in this online group.

I am so thankful to have this online body of believers to help further my spiritual growth, and also for the opportunity it provides me to in turn pray for and serve others! 


Since joining with SoJo Academy I started strong and I loved the first study on discipline. I also enjoyed the artistic additions. I'm not very creative on my own, but I enjoy incorporating beautiful colors and art into my studies. Lately, I've been slacking on my time with God. I'm struggling spiritually and I have a tendency to hide like Adam and Eve in the garden when I'm ashamed.

What I love most about SoJo is that there is accountability and support here. I'm excited to dive deeper into God's word again and face my spiritual battles with such a great cloud of witnesses and to keep going strong from this moment forward. 


Meet AJ and Jen

Arabah Joy of

Arabah Joy is wife to Jackson, adoptive and biological mom to 4. Her 22 years in ministry include church planting, 14 years of overseas missionary service, writing, and mentoring.

AJ especially loves sharing Bible study methods so others can experience the same life-transforming power of God’s word that she has.

Jen Evangelista is the wife to Brad and the mom to 4 pretty cool kids.  She has been in ministry with her husband for over 24 years teaching kids, college students and women of all ages and cultures.

Jen has a passion for the local church, missions, teaching, and above all else, the Gospel.  And she loves finding creative ways to dig deeper into God's Word with other women.

Jen Evangelista of

Here at Sojo Academy, our goal is to provide resources, mentoring, community, and accountability in a way that results in rich spiritual growth.

Both Jen and AJ have decades of experience in ministry and bring their passion and creativity to the Academy and women just like you.

We can't wait to pour into you as we get to know you! 


Join a thriving group of women who are all on the same journey. 

You deserve this.

We can't wait to see you inside the Academy!