Practical ways to stop the chaos and make space for what truly matters







We as women are pulled in a thousand directions. We're overwhelmed. Our lives, schedules and homes are stuffed too full and our time and health are stretched too thin.


We want to cultivate spiritual disciplines but the most important things in life, including time with God, often get pushed to the back burner as we simply try to keep up.


This is why we created the Simplify Your Life Course. During a series of quick and fun 10-Day Challenges, you will makeover several key areas of your life. These challenges will help you create physical and mental space in your life for what matters most. 

The Simplify Your Life Complete Course includes:

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Take Back Your Time: 10-Day Challenge

We are busy people. It doesn't take long to figure out there will always be more to do than there's time for. Figuring out what's important and intentionally choosing the important over the urgent is a life skill we simply must learn if we're going to live according to God's priorities. WE must change, and it begins with how we view time.

Over the course of this 10-day module, you will walk through a very practical process to take your time back. EVERYTHING you need is inside your Workbook Download!

Regular Price: $17


Declutter Your Space

Stuff.  We have it everywhere!  It accumulates before we know it and gains a foothold in our homes and in our lives.  It doesn't just clutter our spaces, but it crowds our hearts so we lose track of our priorities.

In this module, you will get laser-focused on one space in your home, evaluate your stuff and make sure everything serves its purpose.

Are you ready to declutter your space? Let's get started!  EVERYTHING you need is in your Workbook Download!

Regular Price: $17

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Makeover Your Money

The Bible talks a lot about money and although we are not to trust in riches, we aren't to avoid money either.  Rather, we are to wisely use it to bless others and lay up treasures in heaven.

It's easy to get caught up in the cycle of work -> spend -> scale when we forget our opportunity to do ALL for the glory of God.  That includes every financial expenditure we make.

In this module, we will explore how to practically us our checkbooks as a means to glorify God and advance His Kingdom.

Regular Price: $17


Menu Magic

Whether you feed a family of twelve or just you, we all need to eat.  Everyday.  And when we ignore the discipline of planning our menus and meals, we are not good stewards of the gifts we have been given.

The Bible teaches us that "whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it for the glory of God" (1 Corinthians 10:31).  When our goal is to glorify God in whatever we do, we are pleasing to him and our obedience is actually used by God to draw others to Him.

During this module, we are going to (very practically) break this process down and plan our meals for the next week or the next month… it's up to you!

Regular Price: $17


In His Image

1 Cor 6:19-20 tells us we are not our own and were bought with a price!

If we're taking care of something valuable that doesn't belong to us, you'd better believe we would treat it with the utmost respect.  If you borrow someone else's car, you drive a bit slower. If you visit someone else's home with your kids, you're a bit more vigilant of their every move.

How then should we treat our bodies?  Christ paid for them with His life.  He has allowed us to stand before a holy God clean and pure because of His righteousness.  And He demands our worship in ALL things… including how we live and treat our bodies.

Let's explore simple but powerful ways to do this in this module.

Regular Price: $17


Digital Detox

Like it or not, technology plays a significant role in our lives.  Digital tools such as cloud storage, apps, and video streaming can help streamline our lives; yet the limitless options can also rob us of much-needed rest and focus.  Smartphones, in particular, are shaping us in ways only history can accurately describe.

During the course of this module, we're going to hone in on our smartphone use and establish our own personal guidelines for maximizing its benefits.  Our goal is to determine where to draw the line between optimal use and over-use.

Let's do this!

Regular Price: $17

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Putting God First: 10-Day Challenge

Spiritual disciplines are practices found in scripture that promote spiritual growth among believers in Christ.  Basically, these are habits that all Christians should strive to form as they mature in faith.

There are several different lists and categories for these disciplines, but in this module, we are going to focus on six.

Over the course of this module, you will take a brief look at all six disciplines.  There will be verses to read, reflections to journal, a short spiritual inventory to take (be brutally honest with yourself in this… you do not have to share these with anyone!), a suggested prayer, and a small task to complete.

As we work through these, we will discover where God is calling us to lean on Him for strength as we train for godliness.

Regular Price: $17

  • Printable PDF workbook for EACH 10-Day Challenge in full 8.5 x 11 inch size.
  • Printable PDF workbook for EACH 10-Day Challenge in Traveler's Notebook Size
  • Brief audio introduction to each challenge
  • Video introduction by Jen and/or AJ for each challenge
  • Lifetime access to your materials

Jen Evangelista (right) and Arabah Joy (left) both have decades of ministry experience.


Collectively, they've adopted internationally, lived in 5 different countries, gone through medical school, put both their husbands through seminary, planted churches, worked as professionals, started businesses, served as military wives, and homeschooled kids.


Whew, they make themselves tired! Because of all this, they bring decades of both ministry and ahem, LIFE experience to all that they do... and they love doing life with you!


They put together the Simplify Your Life Course to address many of the common obstacles women face when it comes to spending adequate time with God. Things like an over-stuffed schedule, a cluttered home, and out-of-control finances. The best thing is that the modules in this course are short and designed to pack a punch.


Check out the course and dig into the area that trips you up the most!